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Vietnam Through My Lens

"Vietnam...through my lens", written and performed by Stu Richel


Sometimes poignant, sometimes lighthearted, always thought provoking, this one-man play follows Stu Richel's journey as a combat journalist & photographer to - through - and beyond his military service in Vietnam.

Stu proudly served in the U.S. Army from January 1968 to January 1970.  Through much of 1969, he was a combat photographer/journalist with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam; it is that service which provided the impetus for this solo, stage performance.

This is a soldier's story, told by an awfully good story teller.  No blood and guts.  No political statements that try to tell you why America’s involvement over there was right or wrong.  What you get is simply a woven stream of memories and reflections . . . stories!  Just one guy's intensely personal perspective on the most significant period in his life. Share the odd path by which Stu ended up in Vietnam, some of his misadventures as a journalist and photographer, and (perhaps most importantly) how the experience has colored his life.  Vietnam, it turns out, had tentacles that reached into the future.

During the course of the show, his words are made even more vivid by video projections of some of his Vietnam photos.  Those shots bring his memories . . . and the difficult period of the war . . . into focus, for you, the 21st century audience. 

Water Into Whiskey

A new play by Jackob G. Hofmann

Water Into Whiskey illus.png

A Manhattan couple is forced to confront the state of their troubled marriage when a mysterious outsider from Indonesia challenges their belief systems and identities. Set during the volatile era of the Iran Hostage Crisis, Water Into Whiskey explores the value of truth and the importance of personal agency. Presented in the mystical realm of Wayang Golek puppetry performance and enigmatic Indonesian rituals, Water Into Whiskey explores the awesome power of intention and importance of living one's own Dharma...

"The flower has been picked.  

Let its fragrance spread."